Brazilian Car Traffic

Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup is having car traffic problems in major cities where matches are been held. The traffic in the city of Sao Paulo was over 300 Kilometers long on Tuesday June 17. People had never seen such car traffic in the city before, which it usually has only 25 kilometers long during rush hours.

Junk car traffic

Even with the long car traffic there were still some students from USP (University of Sao Paulo) who blocked Anenida Paulista, one of the most principal roads in the city of Sao Paulo, to protest against the Brazilian government. Protesters are fighting because the Brazilian government overspent to prepare the country for the World Cup, and there are many people starving to death and living in very bad conditions in some part of the country.

The amount of cars in the city, plus tourists from all over the world in Brazil for the World Cup, made a big difference in Sao Paulo’s car traffic. That is why public transportation in very important these days. If we compare Brazil to many countries in Europe, we will see that the public transportation in Europe is much better and well developed than the Brazilian public transportation. In places where public transportation is efficient car traffic tend to be much less.

Another fact that makes Brazil one of the most places with the longest car traffic, is that people there usually do not get rid of their junk cars. Since
cars are more expensive in Brazil, the population tends to drive their cars much more then us in the United States. When a car in the United States is giving too many problems people usually sell them for scrap metal, which these cars will no longer be on the road. On the other hand, Brazilians tend to keep their cars forever which causes the cities to be full of cars and many times junk cars.

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