One of the main reasons that UMASS Dartmouth students went to Wolfsburg was to visit the Volkswagen headquarters. The Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg has about 50 thousand employees and its size is about 620 square kilometers. Since the factory is so big they were able to visit only one percent of it, in a one and a half hour tour. They went around the factory in a customized Volkswagen train, and they were able to see the process from the beginning to the end of the Golf’s production. A student said, “It was amazing to see the mass-production of cars, and all the robots working to increase the efficiency of the production”. In the visit to Volkswagen students learned general facts about the company and how efficient they are in mass-producing new cars. Volkswagen does not allow pictures inside their plant.

The students of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth also visited Autostadt. It is a big auto museum that requires at least eight hours to discover everything in it. Unfortunately they only had half day to stay at Autostadt this year, but even with the short time available they still had a great time in it. The two towers in the back of the museum were very impressing. These towers were car garages, which had a capacity of 400 cars each. It is high up on the sky and they offer trips to the top of it. These towers are used by Volkswagen to store customers’ orders that will be ready when they come pick up their new car. Computers from the Volkswagen factory controls each tower by sending signal to the robots in order to pick up or drop off a car. Some students had the great chance of going up on those towers. One of the students said, “It is amazing to see how much modern technology and infrastructure Volkswagen uses in these towers.” Within the museum students were also able to learn a little bit about new cars, and some historical facts about the automobile industry.

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UMASSD students Wolfsburg Germany