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Brazil World Cup Causes Large Car Traffic In Major Cities

Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup is having car traffic problems in major cities where matches are been held. The traffic in the city of Sao Paulo was over 300 Kilometers long on Tuesday June 17. People had never seen such car traffic in the city before, which it usually has only 25 kilometers long during rush hours.

Even with the long car traffic there were still some students from USP (University of Sao Paulo) who blocked Anenida Paulista, one of the most principal roads in the city of Sao Paulo, […]

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UMASS Dartmouth Trip to Wolfsburg

One of the main reasons that UMASS Dartmouth students went to Wolfsburg was to visit the Volkswagen headquarters. The Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg has about 50 thousand employees and its size is about 620 square kilometers. Since the factory is so big they were able to visit only one percent of it, in a one and a half hour tour. They went around the factory in a customized Volkswagen train, and they were able to see the process from the beginning to the end of the Golf’s production. A […]

Tour America for Under $2500

If you really want to see America, and truly experience it then you’ll want to do so by car. For about the amount that you’d spend on airfare, you could drive across the land of the free at your own pace.

Obtaining Cheap Transportation
Once you get off of your flight in the Miami United Estates airport, browse through the Craigslist listing for a cheap car. You should be able to pick one up for around $800, the same price that you spent on airfare to get to Miami. You may […]