How it works:

  1. How quickly will you pick up my car? Shortly after accepting your offer, one of our carriers in your area will contact you to arrange a date and time.
  2. Do I need to be there when yo pick up my vehicle? You may not need to be present at the time of pick-up if prior arrangements are made. However, if you’d like t…
  3. Will I receive a reciept once my car has been picked up? Once your car has been picked up, we will send you an email that will serve as your pick-up receipt.
  4. Do I need to bring my car to a car appraiser or be inspected? Nope! You don’t have to take it anywhere to get appraised or inspected. We come to you — how easy is that?
  5. Do I need to go to the DMV prior to seeing you guys? If we are unable to process your vehicle due to documentation issues, we will inform you of what forms you need.